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Identify and recruit contractors with the skills and experience you temporarily require.

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Identify and contact suitable academic talent before or without advertising to a wider audience.
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Search through a library of active students and academics and recruit them with no placement fees.

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Never miss an opportunity to recruit talent by subscribing to targeted resume alerts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When candidate's complete their online resume they are asked to fill the following fields, which subsequently act as filters for you to search with:
  • Location
  • Level of Experience
  • Sector Interests
  • Specialisms
  • Vacancy Interests
  • Work Eligibility
No. This is a service for universities who wish to headhunt active candidates from our public resume library, and only pay a small up front fee.
Yes. Only the candidate's contact details and surname will be hidden before the resume is unlocked by you. Once unlocked, you can contact them freely!
No. To protect candidates confidentiality this is an optional feature for them, and only those who specifically make their resume public will be visible to you.
Currently we let you manage 5 resume alerts with a standard recruiter membership, but we may provide more in the future as part of a premium membership.

Prices & Packages

Purchase access to the resume library with one of the packages below



unlimited access

£25 + VAT

only £25 per day



 unlimited access

£70 + VAT

only £10 per day


30 Days

unlimited access

£150 + VAT

only £5 per day



  • In the interest of privacy and confidentiality, Rockstaff candidates have the option of displaying their profile publicly, or privately; only public profiles will be accessible through this service.


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