Unearth your new resource for geology jobs

Rockstaff is a hybrid careers platform that specialises in connecting you to opportunities in geoscience and engineering disciplines across several sectors: GeoenvironmentalGeodataGround EngineeringMiningPetroleum and Research.



Discover Opportunities

Rockstaff is building a larger marketplace of opportunities for you by integrating job board advertising, optionally-accessible CVs and confidential placement services.


Promote Your Skills

Optionally choose to make your profile or CV searchable to verified employers and matchable to job adverts. This is a great promotional tool for freelancers or unemployed jobseekers.


Get Matched To Jobs

Blending our background in geoscience and recruitment with modern technology, such as AI-assisted matching, enables us to match your skills to jobs faster and more accurately.


Never Miss An Opportunity

Create targeted job alerts that match your preferences and we’ll automatically notify you of new opportunities.


Manage Your Applications

Apply to jobs in a few clicks and manage your applications from your jobseekers dashboard.


Earn Rewards

Unlock the value of your network and earn rewards for helping others by completing simple tasks such as social media interactions, jobseeker introductions or employer referrals.


What makes Rockstaff different?

Unlike traditional recruitment resources, our platform integrates job advertising, a CV library and consultancy services in order to provide a larger marketplace of opportunities for jobseekers.

Can you alert me of new jobs?

Yes. If you create a job alert, we will send you instant alerts when new jobs are posted that match your preferences.

Will my profile be visible to employers?

Only if you want it to be. To protect your confidentiality, your profile is hidden by default and you must specifically opt-in to make your profile visible in our CV library. If you choose to remain hidden, your data will only be accessible to the Rockstaff team.

Will Rockstaff match me to jobs?

Yes. As part of our consultancy services, we blend our background in geoscience and recruitment with modern technology, such as AI-assisted matching, to match your skills to vacancies we are helping to fill.

How do I earn rewards?

Rockstaff provides opportunities for you to unlock the value of your network by earning ‘gems’, which will be redeemable for a range of rewards, such as Amazon vouchers. Gems can be earned by completing simple tasks, such as helping to advertise job adverts on social media, or referring jobseekers and employers to Rockstaff. Click the widget in the left-hand corner for more information.