Introducing Rockstaff v3

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Rockstaff v3 represents a complete overhaul of our technology stack

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is Rockstaff
  3. What’s new in Rockstaff v3?
  4. Enter our first community promotion
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As the founder of Rockstaff, I’m pleased to announce that Rockstaff v3 is now live.

Rockstaff v3 represents a complete overhaul of our technology stack, both front and back-end. We have reviewed, developed and optimised our technology to build an innovative, powerful and scalable solution for geology jobseeking and talent acquisition.

To assist the launch, I’ve written this article to introduce some of the platform’s exciting new features, which include an improved user interface, community resources, community rewards and artificial intelligence.

If you read to the end, there’s also an opportunity to participate in our first community rewards promotion!

Before I dive in, and in the interest of readers who I’m not acquainted with or aren’t familiar with Rockstaff, I will briefly provide more context.

What is Rockstaff?

Why am I building it?

traditional recruitment resources leave a lot to be desired

As a geoscience graduate and former geoprofessional, who also previously worked as a geoscience recruiter, I understand the frustrations that jobseekers and employers experience on both sides of the recruitment process.

If you’ve experienced a prolonged geoscience jobsearch or recruitment campaign, I’m sure you’ll agree that traditionally-segmented recruitment resources, such as job boards, CV libraries and recruitment agencies, leave a lot to be desired.

After putting my own geoscience career ambitions aside, I decided to build something better.

How is Rockstaff different?

community-driven alternative that continuously reduces the degrees of separation between talent and opportunities

Rockstaff unifies and improves on traditionally-segmented resources to provide a freemium, community-driven alternative that continuously reduces the degrees of separation between talent and opportunities.

Our freemium model provides a selection of free, accessible services to employers, in addition to a range of innovative, premium talent acquisition solutions.

Through this scalable model’s capability to support a wider network of employers, my ambition is to build the go-to platform for geology careers, which in turn reinforces the effectiveness of our premium solutions.

In the diagram below, I have illustrated a simplified model of Rockstaff’s integrated services:

Please note that, in the interest of providing confidentiality, visibility in our CV library is completely optional. Based on statistics from Rocktaff v2, approximately 40% of jobseekers opt-in to become searchable by employers.

Benefits of integrated services

provides a superior service to both parties by putting jobseekers at the centre

Unlike segmented resources, which primarily focus on the needs of an employer, an integrated model provides a superior service to both parties by putting jobseekers at the centre.

The diagram below illustrates the primary jobseeker benefits of Rockstaff’s integrated services, in addition to the interrelated benefits that employers receive due to their symbiotic relationship.

What’s new in Rockstaff v3?

there’s a lot of value to be gained from community collaboration

Improved User Interface

Rockstaff v3 brings a fresh look and a radically improved user experience. Users can now manage their profile, skills and CV all in one, easy-to-navigate dashboard.

The image below provides a snapshot of the jobseeker dashboard, which shares a similar design to the employer dashboard.

Community Resources

I believe that there’s a lot of value to be gained from community collaboration. In Rockstaff v3, we will be providing a platform that allows each user to benefit from the collective market awareness, experience and expertise of a growing network of geoscientists and engineers. More blog articles, community career advice and technical support forums, podcasts with guest speakers and webinars are just some of the things that are on the horizon.

Rewards System

Recognising the value of community-collaboration, I am extremely excited to announce that I have now introduced a system that rewards users for helping others.

Users will now be able to accumulate redeemable ‘gems’ and enter raffle contests for completing tasks that help others in their network, such as promoting opportunities on social media.

Additionally, every user is provided with the opportunity to earn a commission for jobseeker referrals or by sharing their unique discount code with employers who could benefit from our services.

From an employer’s perspective, this offers a powerful marketing tool to anyone who wants to expand their talent pool and attract hard-to-find talent from our network’s network.

AI-Assisted Matching

To enhance our premium solutions, Rockstaff v3 integrates AI-assisted matching technology. As of now, we only offer this technology as part of our Talent Acquisition service. However, we are planning to integrate an auto-matching system into our Advertising services in the not-too-distant future. With an auto-matching system, Advertising clients will be able to immediately identify suitably-skilled jobseekers from the visible portion (not all jobseekers opt-in to being visible) of our CV library.

Enter our first community promotion

For a chance to win Rockstaff’s first community raffle for helping us spread the word, participate in the promotion below. If you are already registered on Rockstaff, any Gems you earn will be automatically stored in your main account (provided you register for the campaign using the same email).



Thanks to all jobseekers and employers who have engaged with us so far, your feedback and support is hugely appreciated!

While v3 is the product of the work we’ve completed so far, we will constantly improve our platform’s services and have got many more ideas to explore and develop in the future.

If you’re interested in geo-jobs or looking for staff, you can register here.

Thanks for reading.

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