We’re not your typical geoscience recruitment solution…

Rockstaff is a free-to-use recruitment platform that provides tools to promote your brand, advertise jobs, source candidates and manage applicants.

Our modular Geoscience Employment Marketing System (GEMS™) also offers innovative social strategies that boost brand awareness, nurture talent networks and optimise your speed, quality and cost of hiring.

If you’re relying on your limited network, ‘post & pray’ job advertising or paying agency placement fees, let us show you a proactive alternative.

The goal is not to hire people who need a job, it’s to hire people who believe what you believe.

– Simon Sinek

The Problem

Lacking a proactive employment marketing strategy leads to an over-reliance on reactive, outdated recruitment solutions, which traditionally create barriers to talent and often force employers to compromise between speed, quality and cost. We call this The Recruitment Trilemma.


Prolonging recruitment processes for business-critical vacancies can cost you lost projects and revenue.


Attracting low-quality applicants wastes time, limits your choices, and can lead to poor retainment of staff.


Overspending can lead to poor return on investment, particularly if you don’t retain a candidate long-term.

  • Paying commission-based placement fees is rarely cost-effective.
  • Sales-based approach often negatively impacts the candidate experience.
  • Difficult to trust as their dependence on commission incentivises dishonesty.
  • LinkedIn Networking is very cost-effective, but it requires a large investment of time.
  • LinkedIn InMails are very time-consuming, easy to spam, and expensive if you aren’t receiving positive responses.
  • LinkedIn Job Ads can quickly produce applicants, but ‘pay-per-view’ listings can become very expensive and quality is often poor.
  • ‘Post & pray’ advertising has poor predictability and often low ROI.
  • Provide little exposure to passive (typically higher-quality) candidates.
  • Typically overwhelm hiring teams with low-quality applicants.
  • Organic social media strategies are cheap but difficult to gain traction with.
  • Hard to reach your target audience because they lack the profession-based targeting capabilities of LinkedIn.
  • Hiring teams are typically not experts in social media marketing, which makes it difficult to create synergistic strategies.

Geoscience Employment Marketing System (GEMS™)

Unlike traditional solutions, our GEMS™ removes the barriers to talent and helps employers proactively optimise their speed, quality and cost of hiring, without compromise.


Assess Your Requirements

Define your target audience by assessing your current vacancies, future skill requirements, or geographical preferences.

Map Your Market

Market mapping assesses the current distribution of suitably-qualified candidates to provide competitive intelligence that helps guide the sourcing process.

Design Landing Page

Before you attract web traffic, build a careers-focussed landing page that outlines your Employee Value Proposition (EVP), advertises current vacancies, and efficiently captures candidate leads.


Build Audience Foundation

Use your market mapping data to build a tailored audience for your initial attraction campaigns that will form the foundation for your audience growth.

Introduce Your Brand

Build awareness of your brand by engaging your target audience on social media and guiding them to your employer landing page for further consideration.

Capture Candidate Leads

Grow your followers and capture cold leads by identifying who is engaging with your content and suitable for retargeting during the nurturing phase.


Define Social Strategy

Identify your target social platforms for talent pool development. While LinkedIn is fundamental, those who leverage multiple platforms will reap major competitive advantages.

Build Content Series

Design a series of short-form content that can help to gradually build familiarity with your employer brand while you may not have an immediate vacancy. E.g. employee testimonials, podcasts, or videos.

Retarget Candidate Leads

Your first engagement won’t always catch them at the perfect time, so stay front-of-mind by retargeting your audiences of candidates who have previously shown an interest in your brand.


Distribute Job Adverts

When a suitable vacancy arises, rapidly distribute relevant job adverts to your pre-nurtured talent pools across all the platforms you defined in your social strategy.

Manage Inbound Applications

Whether you choose to use our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or your own, enhance the candidate experience by providing a frictionless application process.

Incentivise Referrals

Your target audience likely has similarly-skilled talent in their network, so why not incentivise referrals and engagement on social media to help you reach second-degree networks.


Measure Performance

Measure the success of your employer landing pages or job adverts with key performance metrics, such as number of visitors or shortlisted applications.

Split Test Content

Use data-driven A/B testing on your advert content to optimise performance metrics, minimise audience saturation, and maximise ROI.

Automate Processes

Minimise your manual tasks by automating processes such as the growth of social media audiences, managing job ads or syncing data with your external ATS (subject to API compatibility).


Geoscience Specialised

No Placement Fees

Boosts Employer Brand

Reduces Average Time-to-Hire

Increasingly Adds Value

Works With Your Systems

Globally Effective

GDPR Compliant

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if this is for you? Explore the frequently asked questions below or reach out to us for a discovery call.

If it's free-to-use, what's the catch?

Our goal is to maximise the opportunities available to candidates by removing the traditional barriers between employers and talent. Therefore, we provide basic employment marketing services for free.

This will be subsidised by any revenue made from our premium solutions, which are focussed on providing more advanced employment marketing strategies.

What guarantee can you offer if the paid-solutions don't work?

Our premium solutions become increasingly-effective over time as we grow your custom audiences, but if you’re not happy with the results after 30 days, we offer a 100% value-back guarantee*.

*Credit will be reimbursed to your account as spendable points that can be used as payment towards other services, such as featured job adverts or subscription packages.

Why should we join now if we aren't recruiting?

Best-practice employment marketing is about proactively building talent pools that can be leveraged when you need it. If an unexpected resignation or vacancy appears tomorrow, you will likely have to resort to the same reactive strategies as before.

Our system becomes increasingly-effective over time as we refine your talent pool and build more followers for you, which means it pays-off to start sooner rather than later.

Will this work for our niche requirements?

Yes. Since our solution leverages pre-existing social media networks, our solution is globally-effective, niche-independent, and will work anywhere that has high social media penetration (almost everywhere!).

However, some highly-targeted audiences may take more time to build and optimise, which is why we recommend starting the process sooner rather than later.

Will this solution integrate with our internal recruitment processes?

Yes! Our solution is designed to complement (not replace) legacy internal recruitment processes by enhancing the quality, volume and predictability of web-traffic to your job opportunities.

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