We’re not your typical geoscience recruitment solution.

Rockstaff is a free-to-use employment marketing platform that makes it easy to deploy cutting-edge social recruitment strategies to promote your brand and jobs.

To solve the problems employers commonly experience with traditional recruitment solutions, we provide innovative strategies that optimise speed, quality and cost of hiring.

If you’re overspending time direct sourcing, attracting low-quality applicants, or want to avoid agency placement fees, let us show you a more proactive, targeted, and cost-efficient alternative.

The goal is not to hire people who need a job, it’s to hire people who believe what you believe.

– Simon Sinek

Problems We’ve Solved

Attracting high-quality talent in a competitive employment market is challenging, but traditional recruitment solutions often force employers to compromise between speed, quality and cost. We call this The Recruitment Trilemma.


Direct sourcing can be incredibly time-consuming, often has low response rates, and it is easy to spam candidates unintentionally.

Job Boards

Untargeted ‘post & pray’ advertising is unpredictable, doesn’t reach passive candidates, and attracts a high percentage of low-quality applicants.

Recruitment Agencies

Outsourcing doesn’t build your brand’s talent network, produces unpredictable results, and paying commission-based placement fees is rarely cost-effective.

How It Works

Unlike traditional solutions, our Sponsored Job adverts integrate cutting-edge social strategies that help employers optimise their speed, quality and cost of hiring, without compromise.


Saves you time by directly engaging your target audience, reducing the need for outbound direct sourcing, and reducing your time-to-hire.


Improves quality of applicants by targeting suitably-qualified passive candidates, incentivising candidate referrals, and minimising exposure to unqualified job seekers.


Saves you money by reducing advertising expenditure, minimising the time you waste on filtering applicants, and helping you avoid agency placement fees.


Geoscience Specialised

Easy To Launch

Hyper-Targeted Advertising

Reduces Low-Quality Applications

Improves Efficiency Of Recruiters

Expands Your Talent Network

No Placement Fees

GDPR Compliant


Basic Job

  • 30 Day Duration
  • Google Jobs Optimised
  • Emailed Via Job Alerts
  • Unlimited Applicants
  • Screening Questions
  • Multiple Application Methods
  • Applicant Tracking System

Sponsored Job

£1,000 30 Days
  • All BASIC JOB Features
  • Sponsored Employer Profile
  • Lists At Top Of Search Results
  • Blockchain-Powered Candidate Referral Button
  • Tailored Social Media Post
  • Targeted Sponsored Content Campaign
  • £100 Credit For Future Services

Talk With Us

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