Permanent Staffing

Permanent Staffing

Our fixed-fee recruitment solution provides a refreshing alternative to the percentage-based fees that employers experience with traditional agencies, which reduce cashflow predictability and incentivise agencies to negotiate higher salaries or only target high-earning candidates.

How do we compare?


Provide you with cashflow predictability, eliminates negative incentives and nurtures trusting recruitment partnerships.

Better Candidate Matching

As former geoscientists, our technical understanding ensures we don't waste your time with unsuitable applicants.

Systemised & Automated

We use cutting-edge marketing, candidate nurturing and automation tools to provide systemised processes that deliver you predictability and guaranteed return on investment.

Why choose this solution?

These hands-on service can be called upon when your requirements require a faster, highly-targeted or confidential approach.

Confidential & Discreet

Discreet marketing and targeted headhunting for when you're not looking to widely advertise a vacancy or want to protect your business-relationships.

Recruit The Best

By implementing a 24/7/365 digital inbound marketing strategy, we are able to dominate the market and surgically extract the top talent for our clients.

Recruit Faster

Sometimes, passively waiting for the right candidate to apply for a business-critical vacancy can lead to lost projects and revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer refunds if the placed candidate leaves?

Yes. If the placed candidate leaves prior to passing their probationary period then you will be eligible for a partial refund, which decreases as a function of time worked for the company.

Yes. We can discretely assess the interest and availability of specific talent while keeping your identity and vacancy completely confidential - perfect for securing candidates for roles that haven't been 'officially' announced yet.

We aren't limited by seniority, and instead focus on attracting candidates at all stages of their careers, from current students to senior professionals and consultants.

To protect our business, and to avoid disputes later in the recruitment process, we kindly request that we have an agreement in place before acting as an agent on your behalf. In exceptional circumstances, we may begin our work prematurely while a contract is being negotiated, but this is unlikely to happen with new clients of which we have no prior relationship established.

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We also share vacancies on social media so that our candidates never miss an opportunity!

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