CV Library

CV Library

Our growing CV library allows you to engage with and recruit from a network of actively-searching geoscientists & engineers, without the placement fees associated with traditional searches.

How do we compare?

Targeted Search Filters

Save time by using advanced filters to narrow your search of geoscience & engineering skills.

CV Alerts

Never miss an opportunity to recruit geotechnical talent by subscribing to targeted CV alerts.

Candidate Messenger

Send emails through Rockstaff to introduce yourself and your opportunities.

Why choose this solution?

No Placement Fees

Engage suitable and active candidates directly with no placement fees.

Remain Confidential

Discretely approach active and suitable candidates without widely advertising a confidential vacancy.

Reduce Time-To-Hire

Why wait for the right candidate to apply if you can approach them directly?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay a placement fee?

No. This is a service for employers who wish to headhunt active candidates from our public CV library, and pay a small up front fee to avoid larger agency placement fees.

Can I access your entire candidate database?

No. To protect candidates confidentiality this is an optional feature for them, and only those who specifically make their CV public will be visible to you. We also have an extensive private candidate database, so get in touch if you can't find who you're looking for!

How many CV alerts can I set?
Currently we offer 5 CV alerts with a standard recruiter membership, but we may provide more in the future as part of a premium membership.
What search filters do you provide?

When candidate's complete their online resume they are asked to fill the following fields, which subsequently act as filters for you to search with:

  • Location
  • Level of Experience
  • Sector Interests
  • Specialisms
  • Vacancy Interests


Fields marked with * are required

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