Source the best in the market, not just on the market

Whether it’s due to a lack of employee-time, necessity of speed, scarcity of talent, or confidentiality, sourcing talent in-house or relying solely on advertising isn’t always a viable solution. Our consultancy solution is designed to support you when you need more hands-on assistance.

Choose this solution if:

  • You have a business-critical vacancy that you can’t risk prolonging by relying on marketing strategies that can’t guarantee quick results.
  • Your HR/recruitment team are swamped with other responsibilites and don’t have the time it requires to effectively source, screen and nurture talent.
  • You need to recruit, but for confidentiality or other reasons, you can’t widely advertise the vacancy and need someone to discretely attract talent on your behalf.

Fixed Fees

By avoiding percentage-based agency fees, which are less predictable and incentivise dishonesty, you can improve budget forecasting and eliminate the risk of paying more than you need to.


Larger Talent Pool

Due to confidentiality, only 40% of registered jobseekers opt-in to being visible in our CV library. We can help you source the hard-to-find talent from the remaining 60%, in addition to our wider social network.


AI-Assisted Matching

Blending our technical expertise with artificial intelligence allows us to quickly identify geoprofessionals that are closely matched to your skills, experience and location requirements.


Global Targeting Capabilities

Access top talent anywhere in the world by leveraging systems that are capable of building and nurturing geoprofessional talent pools with unrivalled speed and accuracy.


Expert Filtering

As former geoscientists, our superior understanding of geoprofessions means we can reliably identify talent and filter out poor quality applications that will waste your time.


Retention Maximiser

Following a successful onboarding process, our monthly reviews will help identify any red flags and address them before they become an unresolveable issue that threatens retention.