Engage hard-to-find talent with powerful marketing strategies

Strategic advertising can radically reduce your cost and time-to-hire, and continues to pay dividends by producing long-term benefits for your employer brand. We’ve got the tools to help you achieve this.

Choose this solution if:

  • You need a marketing system that reduces cost-to-hire or dependency on agencies by attracting high-quality, direct applicants.
  • You want to improve the targeting and engagement of your advertising to reduce the time it takes to fill business-critical vacancies.
  • You need a competitive-edge that engages the passive jobseeker market and attracts talent that your competitors can’t access.

Key Features


No Placement Fees

Reduce cost-to-hire by attracting high-quality, direct applicants to your brand. Save more profit to help grow your business.


Advanced Targeting Systems

 Improve quality by targeting suitably-qualified geoprofessionals. Reduce the time you waste filtering out poor-quality applicants.


Geoprofessional Engagement Matrix™

Reach passive jobseekers from our network’s network with our signature viral-marketing system, GEM™. Attract the talent your competitors can’t.


Multi-Channel Marketing

Reduce time-to-hire by increasing engagement with jobseekers across multiple platforms. Avoid lost revenue from prolonged vacancies.


Auto-Matching System

Receive instant jobseeker matches from our CV library based on the required skills of your job. Reduce time-to-hire by engaging them directly!



110% Value-back Guarantee

What if it doesn’t work? If you’re not satisfied with our service, we’ll offer a 110% refund, credited in ‘Gems’, which can be deducted at checkout on future purchases.


Basic Campaign

  • Multi-media content
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Distributed in job alerts
  • Multiple application methods
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Performance metrics
  • Unlock profiles of all applicants from CV library
  • Save & categorise applicant profiles (requires Employer Pro subscription)

Featured Campaign

£250 30 days
  • All BASIC CAMPAIGN features
  • Social media post
  • Lists at top of job search results
  • Feature on homepage
  • Incentivise social sharing (add-on)
  • Paid-social targeting (add-on)