Unearth the new bedrock for geoscience recruitment

Rockstaff is a freemium RaaS (Recruitment as a Service) solution that unifies and improves traditionally-segmented resources, such as job boards, CV databases and recruitment agencies.

To achieve our goal of providing jobseekers with the largest marketplace of opportunities, we allow employers to build searchable profiles and post job adverts for free!

Benefits of Rockstaff


Geoscience Specialists

Our unique background in geoscience and recruitment enables us to efficiently source and nurture an accessible talent pool of high-quality geoprofessionals.


Integrated Solutions

Enjoy the cost-saving, time-saving and quality-enhancing benefits from a choice of solutions that can be flexibly adapted to suit your unique circumstances.


Market Intelligence

Rockstaff’s growing, dynamic database provides increasingly-accurate insights into the market, such as salaries, skills and talent mapping.


Superior Technology

With AI-assisted matching technology and systemised processes, we can reduce your time-to-hire by quickly matching and engaging jobseekers from a pre-nurtured talent pool.


Inbound jobseeker attraction

Our unique, integrated model, combined with innovative marketing strategies, produces an inbound attraction system by providing a better marketplace for opportunities.


Trustworthy Partners

Offering a range of fixed-fee solutions that help overcome various challenges, our goal isn’t to make quick placements. Our goal is to work with you long-term to improve your talent acquisition strategies.




Launch powerful marketing campaigns that target suitably-qualified geoprofessionals and attract direct applicants.

CV Libraries 2-orange

CV Library

Avoid advertising or outsourcing fees by discretely engaging talent from a library of willingly-visible jobseekers and available freelancers.



Reduce your workload, increase your talent pool and recruit faster by outsourcing your advertising, search and selection to Rockstaff.

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Employer Lite

  • 1 user
  • Employer profile
  • Job Advertising services
  • CV Library services
  • Talent Acquisition services
  • Metrics & statistics dashboard
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • 10% loyalty points on website purchases

Employer Pro

£50 per month
  • All EMPLOYER LITE features
  • Multiple users
  • Save & categorise jobseeker profiles
  • 10% discount on Outsourcing services
  • Premium employer profile
  • Custom cover photo on job adverts
  • Premium support