Become the go-to employer for geoprofessionals in your niche

Rockstaff’s Geoscience Employment Marketing System (GEMS™) empowers employers to overcome the problems with traditional recruitment solutions, such as job boards, CV databases, social media and recruitment agencies.


We specialise in providing hyper-targeted, top-of-funnel marketing strategies that attract, nurture and convert suitably-qualified talent to your brand.

Why are we building Rockstaff?

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As a former geoscientist and recruiter, I believe that traditional recruitment solutions are becoming increasingly ineffective and primed for disruption. My goal is to help employers escape the trap of reactive, low-ROI recruitment solutions by making it easy to capture the value of proactive, high-ROI strategies that build a competitive advantage and continue to pay dividends long-term.

– Alex Harper, Founder

Geoscience Employment Marketing System (GEMS™)

Rockstaff’s GEMS™ is designed to empower your internal recruitment team to effortlessly build a proactive recruitment strategy that achieves the following:

Promote your employer brand

Become a go-to employer by raising the awareness of your brand and opportunities with a customisable landing page that attracts followers and boosts social engagement.

Expand your talent pool

Reach beyond LinkedIn and target talent on multiple social platforms or reach our network’s network with viral marketing strategies that incentivise social engagement.

Consistently nurture talent

Consistently fill the top of your employment marketing funnel with talent that matches specific criteria and nurture them until they are ready to convert into applicants.

Advertise your jobs for free

Post free job adverts and quickly fill your vacancies by attracting high-quality applicants from a pre-nurtured talent pool of suitably-qualified candidates.

Search & contact talent

Discover talent from the publicly-visible portion of our growing candidate database. Or engage candidates from your list of followers, many of whom may have chosen to not be publicly-visible to others.

Avoid agency placement fees

Avoid reactively resorting to paying expensive agency fees by attracting direct applicants and building a high-quality talent pool that are eager to work for you.


In order to provide accessibility to all geoscience employers, we operate a freemium subscription model that splits our GEMS™ into tiers.


Branded employer profile

A customisable landing page where candidates can follow your brand, see live jobs, read reviews, get in touch and more. Click here to see an example.

Post free job adverts

Post basic job adverts to our candidates for free. Any applications through the site will also be tracked and stored in your dashboard.

Search & contact candidates

Search our candidates and contact them through our contact forms for free. However, please note that visibility is completely optional to candidates.


Multiple account users

Give shared access to more than one person in your organisation. Perfect for adding internal recruitment teams or multiple hiring managers.

Premium employer profile

Add custom cover photos, multi-media files and team member profiles that introduce candidates to your recruitment team.

Access your followers

When a candidate follows your brand, we’ll collate them in your dashboard for you to access in your own time; even the candidates that have chosen to hide themselves in the candidate library!

Save, categorise and download candidate CVs

Unlocks organisational features in your dashboard and the ability to download candidate CV files.


Social incentives

Embed a social incentive campaign into your employer profile which rewards candidates for following your social media channels or engaging with your posts. Click here to see an example.

Social nurturing on LinkedIn

Engage a hyper-targeted audience from our networks and consistently deliver relevant, engaging adverts on the newsfeeds of suitably-qualified talent.

Automated talent pool development

When a new candidate who matches your criteria joins Rockstaff or connects with our team, we automatically add them to your social nurturing campaign.

Featured employer profile

Receive a promotional social media post about your brand, feature your profile on our homepage and at the top of employer search results.


Automated job posting

If your website is compatible, we will develop a custom web-crawler to monitor your careers pages for new geo-jobs and post them automatically for you.

Multi-platform social nurturing

Nurture suitably-qualified talent across multiple social channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We build and manage engaging adverts for you, or distribute your own content.

Advert sequencing & retargeting

We build, manage and optimise a custom advert sequence that retargets candidates to nurture them down the employment marketing funnel until they are ready to apply.

A/B testing & optimisation

We use a data-driven approach to test and optimise your adverts to maximise the engagement they receive and improve your return on investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it guaranteed to work?

There’s no silver bullet for recruitment and results may not happen overnight, but we are confident that our GEMS™ can add enormous value and cost-saving benefits to all employers. If you’re not happy with the results, we’ll be happy to offer a 100% value-back guarantee*.

*Credit will be reimbursed to your account as redeemable gems that can be used as payment towards other services.

What’s the Return On Investment (ROI)?

While employers are welcome to take advantage of our free services, the ROI on premium subscriptions will vary depending on factors that are unique to each employer, such as volume of vacancies, typical recruitment expenditure, value-add per employee or dependency on recruitment agencies etc. When compared with traditional recruitment solutions, we believe our prices are highly competitive.

Can we set up this system ourselves in-house?

Our solution works because our system has a range of features that incentivises candidates to register with us, which is not something an individual employer can replicate. It’s not impossible to set up some aspects of our system yourself (and we’d be happy to help!), but it’s likely to be a lot more difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

We aren’t currently recruiting, why should we join now?

Best-practice employment marketing is about proactively building talent pools that can be leveraged when you need it. If an unexpected resignation or vacancy appears tomorrow, you will likely have to resort to the same reactive strategies as before. Our system will also become increasingly effective over time as we refine your talent pool and build more followers for you, which means it pays-off to start it sooner rather than later.


Rockstaff is free to use for employers, but if you’re considering a premium subscription and not sure which one is right for you, please book a discovery call below to explore how we can add value


  • 1 Account User
  • Branded employer profile
  • Post free job adverts
  • Track applications
  • Search & contact candidates
  • 10% loyalty points on purchases


£300 per month
  • All SAPPHIRE features
  • Multiple account users
  • Premium employer profile
  • Access your followers
  • Save & categorise candidates
  • Download candidate CV files
  • 1 free featured job advert


£1,300 per month
  • All EMERALD features
  • Dedicated account manager
  • LinkedIn nurturing
  • Incentivise social engagement
  • Automated talent pool growth
  • Featured employer profile
  • 5 free featured job adverts
  • Up to £300 in advertising credit


£5,500 per month
  • All RUBY features
  • Automated job posting
  • Facebook nurturing
  • Instagram nurturing
  • Twitter nurturing
  • A/B testing & optimisation
  • Ad sequencing & retargeting
  • Unlimited featured job adverts
  • Up to £1200 in advertising credit

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