What is Rockstaff?

Rockstaff was built by geoscientists to provide an integrated solution to the problems that employers experience when using traditional methods of recruiting geoscientists & engineers; such as careers pages, social media, job boards and recruitment agencies.

How is Rockstaff different?

Integrated Solutions

Our integrated model provides every solution in one place and flexibly adapts to your unique circumstances.

No Percentage-Based Fees

Our fixed-fee solutions eliminate the unpredictability that you experience with percentage-based agency fees.

Geotechnical Specialists

As former geoscientists, we apply technical expertise & market knowledge to help you engage the top talent.

Systemised & Automated

We use cutting-edge marketing, candidate nurturing and automation tools to provide systemised processes that deliver you predictability and guaranteed return on investment.

Inbound Candidate Attraction

Our integrated model provides a larger marketplace of opportunity for candidates, which means they often come to us directly.

Support Universities

We provide subsidised recruitment services to universities for academic jobs and nurture a network of future talent.

Why partner with Rockstaff?

Save Time

Save employee time and reduce time-to-hire with innovative recruitment solutions that use cutting-edge systemisation & automation.

Save Money

Avoid percentage-based agency fees by attracting direct applicants, or recruit faster and confidentially with our fixed-fee recruitment solutions.

Recruit The Best

Our integrated approach nurtures a network that is focused on quality, rather than quantity, and will help you recruit the best in the market, not just on the market.

Recruitment Solutions


Tailored brand promotion services that drive direct applicants to your website and opportunities.


Targeted advertising services that drive direct applicants to your jobs.


A growing CV library that allows you to engage with actively-searching geoscientists & engineers.


Fixed-fee recruitment solutions that reduce time-to-hire and discretely source you the best in the market, with expert precision.


Compliant management services that leverage a network of ready-to-deploy, high-calibre contractors.

Frequently asked questions

We already use a recruitment agency, what makes you different?

Aside from our unique integration of advertising services that help you avoid placement fees (!), our focus on geoscience & engineering, 24/7/365 automated marketing strategies, and commitment to providing candidates with a wider selection of opportunities, helps us attract the candidates that our competitors simply can't.

We're not hiring right now, how will joining Rockstaff help us?

Multi-channel marketing is crucial in today's digital world. Even if you're not recruiting right now, joining Rockstaff gives you a targeted marketing channel to promote your employer brand to attract the interest of geo-discipline candidates in preparation for future recruitment campaigns.

We have an internal recruitment/HR team, why do we need Rockstaff?

Many larger companies have brilliant internal recruitment capabilities, but can rarely dedicate large proportions of time to engaging with the scattered talent pool of candidates.This is where Rockstaff can work with your internal team to:

  • promote your employer brand to our shared target audience;
  • provide targeted job board advertising services to attract direct applicants from our exclusive network;
  • provide access to our database of active job-seekers;
  • or support them by outsourcing elements of your recruitment processes to Rockstaff.
We don't struggle to attract candidates in geoscience & engineering, how can this help us?

Some geo-disciplines have a large candidate pool, but this can make it challenging and time consuming to filter out the best candidates from a tidal wave of unsuitable applications.

Rockstaff has a candidate network that is focussed on quality rather than quantity, which helps you reach hard-to-attract talent in the passive candidate market and saves you employee time by increasing the ratio of suitable to unsuitable applications.

You can even save employee time by letting Rockstaff managing individual recruitment processes such as candidate shortlisting.


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