Unearth the new bedrock for geoscience recruitment

Rockstaff is a freemium Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) platform that specialises in providing smart recruitment solutions for geoscience and engineering disciplines across several sectors: Geoenvironmental, Geodata, Ground Engineering, Mining, Petroleum and Research.


Expand Your Reach

We provide a range of strategies to help you reach a targeted network of suitably-qualified geoprofessionals.

Promote Employer Brand

We give you tools to familiarise jobseekers with your brand and keep you front of mind when they are ready to move.

Recruit Faster

Reducing your time-to-hire with business-critical vacancies can help you avoid delays in projects that lead to lost revenue.

Save Money

Reduce your cost-to-hire with solutions that can be flexibly adapted to your circumstances and continue to pay dividends into the future.

Improve Quality

High-quality talent is rarely actively looking. We give you strategies to engage and attract talent from the passive market.

Retain Talent

Avoid the cost and headache of a bad hire by expanding your talent network to help you make the right hiring decisions first time.


What makes Rockstaff different?

Unlike traditional recruitment resources, our platform integrates job advertising, a CV library and consultancy services in order to provide a full range of solutions for employers.

Can we promote our employer brand?

Yes. All company profiles are searchable if you choose to make it visible. If you want additional exposure, you can upgrade to a featured profile.

Can we advertise jobs for free?

Yes. You will have a monthly allowance of basic adverts for free. You can purchase more separately, or upgrade your monthly subscription for more allowance if you wish.

Can we search your jobseeker database?

Yes, you can search the CV library and engage jobseekers directly. However, to protect confidentiality, visibility is optional for jobseekers, so you can only search a portion of our database.

Can you help us reach passive candidates?

Yes. Our consulting service provides a range of smart recruitment solutions that can help you attract talent from the passive candidate market. Talk to us to find out more.