Contractor Solutions

Why recruit contractors through Rockstaff?

Recruit The Best

By implementing a 24/7/365 digital inbound marketing strategy, we are able to dominate the market and surgically extract the top talent for our clients.

Recruit Faster

Sometimes, passively waiting for the right candidate to apply for a business-critical vacancy can lead to delays in projects and lost revenue.

Save Employee Time

Outsourcing time-consuming contractor-management processes, such as payroll or chasing timesheets, can free-up your employee's time for other business-critical activities.

Better Candidate Matching

As former geo-professionals, our technical understanding ensures we supply contractors that match your requirements.

Transparent & Modest Fees

We charge a modest commission for our services and provide full transparency on rates to all parties.

International Solutions

Global search capabilities and compliant solutions in more than seventy countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa as well as further afield.

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Our Process

1. Job Description Development

Transform or redefine your job description into a compelling advert that will attract the high-quality contractors you're looking for.

2. Candidate Discovery

If we don't have suitable contractors in our current network, we'll develop a strategic sourcing plan and deploy priority advertisement and automated marketing strategies that are proven to return an 82% response rate.

3. Shortlisting & Presenting

Evidence-based interview assessments to determine suitability before submission for your consideration. Following your approval, we'll manage interview arrangement and ensure the contractors are excited to meet with you.

4. Negotiate Offer

We manage the successful candidate's offer whilst ensuring the regretted candidates are let down gently and come away with a positive experience.

5. Mobilisation

After pre-mobilisation checks (ID, Limited Company status, criminal records and rights to work), we'll support visa and work permits, travel arrangements, rental vehicles and accommodation.

6. Contractor & Timesheet Management

A dedicated contractor manager will maintain communication with the candidate and an online timesheet system will simplify invoicing, manager-approval and even send timely reminders.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are pros and cons to hiring both permanent and contract employees, but when you add up NI contributions, sick pay, pension, benefits, bonuses etc, permanent employees can often be more expensive!
We will consider all contract lengths, but it will depend on the seniority of the candidate and how difficult they will be to source. Our preference would be to work with contract durations of no less than 3 months.
The online timesheet system eases the process of contractors sending timesheets, and managers signing them off. Once signed off, invoices are automatically generated and sent to your accounts department, who subsequently send the payment to Rockstaff, who has paid the contractor.
Your company will have one signed agreement in place with Rockstaff, and Rockstaff will have another signed agreement in place with the contractor. There is no need for a signed agreement between your company and the contractor, unless the work they do for you specifically requires it.
Yes. We have what is called a 'transfer fee' in our Terms & Conditions.
We can source candidates for global placements, but to help us manage contractors abroad we're partnered with 6CATS International, the leading global brand and supplier of contractor management solutions for recruitment agencies. 6CATS offers solutions in more than seventy countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa as well as further afield.


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