Rockstaff was built by geoscientists to provide an integrated solution to the problems that geoscientists & engineers experience when using traditional job-seeking methods; such as careers pages, social media, job boards and recruitment agencies.

How Is Rockstaff Different?

Integrated Solutions

Our integrated model gives you full control of our input and provides every solution in one place, from job board advertising to hands-on placement and contract management services.

Connect Directly To Employers

Build a public profile to promote your skills and interests to verified, actively recruiting employers.

More Opportunities

Our integrated model helps to create a bigger marketplace of opportunity for you, since unlike typical agencies, we don't just show you the vacancies we are recruiting for.

Geotechnical Specialists

As former geoscientists, we're laser focussed on sourcing you opportunities in geoscience & engineering.

Better Job Matching

Our niche focus means we don't waste your time with irrelevant jobs like generic job boards or traditional agencies.

Academic Jobs

We also help to promote academic jobs for universities that contribute to the scientific progression of geo-disciplines.

Why join Rockstaff?

Save Time

You no longer need to spend your free-time scrawling careers pages, generic job boards and social media.

Stay Informed

Our tools & alert systems are designed to help you avoid missing an opportunity.

Discover Opportunities

Rockstaff's integrated model is designed to give you a larger marketplace to discover your next career step.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this is a free service for candidates. Our revenue primarily comes from the companies and universities looking to advertise or recruit for vacancies.

No, but you do have the optional ability of building on online profile and allowing employers on our website to find your CV based on your skills, experience and interests. You can change the visibility with one click. If you upload your CV to us to help you find a job, then this is not visible on our website and is securely stored on our external CV database.

No. You can register an account to unlock a range of job-seeking tools like job alerts and our application management system.

No. If you decide you don't want to be visible anymore, you can set your profile to private with one click on your Candidate Dashboard.

Yes. No CV submissions are ever made to an employer without your expressed interest in a role.

Social Media

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We also share vacancies on social media so that our candidates never miss an opportunity!

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