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Solving the problems with traditional recruitment resources

Rockstaff’s goal is to hyper-connect talent to geoscience jobs by building an alternative solution that works better for both candidates and employers.

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About Us

We believe that finding geoscience jobs shouldn't be this difficult

Rockstaff was founded to address the problems with traditional recruitment resources, such as job boards, CV databases, LinkedIn and recruitment agencies. We believe that with the help of modern technology, we can build something better.

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As a former geoscientist and recruiter, I’ve experienced the problems you face with traditional recruitment resources from both sides. Rockstaff’s mission is to disrupt legacy models and build the largest network of geoscience jobs, employers and talent.

– Alex Harper, Founder

Problems with traditional resources

We’ve listened to geoprofessionals like you consistently highlight the same problems with traditional resources and the solutions they wish existed. Do these sound familiar to you?

Job Boards

    • Takes too long to search them all.
    • Often filled with duplicate or fake agency jobs.
    • Aren’t specialised enough to attract employers you’re interested in.


We need an all-in-one platform that’s focussed on your niche, removes time-wasting agency jobs and can scale to support a wider network of relevant employers.

CV Databases

  • Don’t let you hide your profile from your current employer.
  • Not specialised enough to be widely used by relevant employers.
  • Mainly used by agencies that you don’t want to trust with your data.


We need a platform that lets you control who can see your profile, is specialised enough to attract relevant employers and removes the risk of being hassled by agencies.


  • Takes a lot of time and effort to build a network.
  • You constantly receive spam from recruitment agencies.
  • The social platform you spend the least amount of time on.


We need a platform that makes it easy to find and notify relevant employers of your interest, stops agencies wasting your time, and alerts you of relevant jobs so you don’t have to keep monitoring a newsfeed.

Recruitment Agencies

  • Only sell you jobs they earn a commission to fill.
  • Typically only support a small network of employers.
  • Employers prefer you to apply directly, which can negatively impact your chances of selection.


We need a platform that can scale to support a larger marketplace of jobs, connects you directly with employers, and helps you bypass agencies that are incentivised to ‘sell’ you jobs.

How does Rockstaff work?

Unlike traditional resources, Rockstaff’s model prioritises giving you access to more opportunities and the control of your privacy.

Identify & follow suitable employers

Discover, engage and review employers in your sector. Follow the ones you like and we’ll notify them of your interest.

Access more jobs

Search, review and apply to jobs in a few clicks. Employers can advertise jobs for free, which will mean more opportunities for you.

Help employers find you

Make your profile searchable to verified employers (no agencies) and let them apply to you directly, or keep it private and only accessible to the employers you follow.

Avoid missing opportunities

Timing is crucial. Our customisable job alerts notify you of new opportunities so that you can apply before your competitors.

Control your privacy

Control who can view your profile. We don’t share your data unless you follow an employer, apply to a job, or choose to make your profile searchable.

Earn rewards for helping others

Unlock the value of your network by earning rewards for helping employers market opportunities, social media engagement or referrals from your network.