Rockstaff is pioneering a social approach to employment marketing that will help people find geology jobs by interconnecting professional networks and incentivising referrals with rewards.

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How It Works

Traditional recruitment resources create unnecessary barriers between talent and geology jobs. Our vision is to remove them by providing a free-to-use platform that interconnects employers with distributed networks of typically hard-to-find talent.

Build Your Resume

Showcase your skills, highlight testimonials, and receive direct messages. Or keep your profile private and confidential.

Follow Employers

Discover, research, and follow employers to notify them of your interest and receive job alerts.

Search Jobs

Search listings or set customisable alerts to notify you of new jobs that match your skills and interests.

Get Matched To Jobs

If you opt-in, we’ll auto-match your profile to employer’s job adverts based on your job title, sector, skills, and location.

Manage Applications

Apply to jobs in one click, track application progress and receive interview requests from employers.

Earn Rewards

Unlock the value of your network by earning rewards for helping to promote opportunities through social media engagement or referrals.

Build Your Profile

Build a branded landing page that tells your story, conveys your Employee Value Proposition (EVP), and more.

Launch Social Campaigns

Build awareness of your employer brand with targeted audiences across multiple social media channels.

Post Free Job Adverts

Post Search-Engine-Optimised (SEO) job adverts to your followers or custom audiences.

Source Candidates

Source talent from a growing library of searchable candidates. We’ll even auto-match well-suited candidates to your job adverts!

Manage Applications

Review, shortlist and invite applicants to interviews with our Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Incentivise Referrals

Incentivise referrals or social engagement with rewards to help you reach second-degree networks of suitably-qualified talent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out if this is right for you.

Is it free to use?

Yes. Rockstaff is free to use for both candidates and employers.

Will my contact information be publicly visible?

No. We provide contact forms to allow employers to communicate with you without needing to unnecessarily share personal data.

However, your contact information will be shared when you apply directly to an employer’s job for the purpose of allowing them to advance their recruitment process.

Can I hide my profile from my current employer?

Yes. By default, your profile will be hidden from all employers. You must opt-in to become visible in search results and auto-matched to job adverts.

If you only want specific employers to see your profile whilst remaining hidden, you can follow them individually and we’ll make your profile accessible and notify them of your interest.

How do I earn rewards?

We will provide opportunities to earn redeemable ‘gems’ for completing simple tasks, such as liking and sharing posts on social media, referring candidates and employers to Rockstaff, and more.

Gems are currently redeemable for Amazon vouchers, but we are hoping to expand this in the future. Watch this space!


As a former geoscientist and recruiter, I’ve experienced the challenges candidates and employers face with traditional recruitment resources. I’m building Rockstaff’s Geoscience Employment Marketing System (GEMS™) to uniquely solve these problems and grow the largest network of geoscience jobs, employers and talent. If this resonates with you, join Rockstaff and help build something better

– Alex Harper, Founder